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"The G1 offers an amazing range of tone options via it's three single coil pickups, 6-way rotary selector and a push/pull option"
- Marcus Leadley The Guitar Magazine 2001 -
reviewing G1 Vibrato


G3 Baritone

This was the first Baritone we developed here at Gus Guitars and has proved to be a highly adaptable and versatile instrument, neatly filling the sonic gap between guitar and bass. Using the G3 body shape enabled us to incorporate a 30 scale length (1 1/2 more than the G1 Baritone) which gives the instrument a huge amount of depth to its sound.

Tuned A-A in standard specification (a fifth below conventional 6-string guitar), the G3 Baritone also features a slightly wider string spacing of 12mm at the bridge and larger Hipshot Ultralite machineheads, to allow the guitar to accommodate alternative string gauges and tunings, if you want to get experimental...and after all, this is what the Baritone concept is all about!

G3 Baritone
G3 BaritoneG3 BaritoneG3 BaritoneG3 BaritoneG3 BaritoneG3 BaritoneG3 Baritone
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