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"The Gus G1 was very difficult to put down"
- Tim Slater Guitarist 1994 -
reviewing G1 Vibrato


G1 Vibrato

Bearing mounted for super smooth action and hassle free tuning stability, our vibrato has been well praised by players and reviewers alike. Here it's combined with a three single coil layout to give you every single coil tone you could a few surprises!

The six way rotary switch allows you to select all combinations including the outside coils together, plus we've added a boost switch which brings in two humbucker tones for unrivalled versatility.

With its funky good looks, no-compromise build quality and superb range of sounds, the G1 Vibrato is a satisfying instrument to play and own.

G1 Vibrato
G1 VibratoG1 VibratoG1 VibratoG1 VibratoG1 VibratoG1 VibratoG1 Vibrato
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