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"We reckon the G3 is one of the most exciting instruments around at the moment...a truly world class bass."
- Jordan McLachlan Guitar Buyer Magazine 2003 -
reviewing G3 Five Active


G1 Baritone

With three and a half inches more to its scale length, and tuned down to B (a fourth below 'normal' guitar pitch), our G1 Baritone has stretched out to offer you a twangy bottom end that is seriously addictive!

Again the carbon fibre over Cedar construction tightens the low end response and helps the high end project, giving the G1 Baritone a highly authoritative tonality that, through the right amp, can really move some air!

Featuring the same "six way plus boost" switching of the Vibrato there are a wide range of tones here, though that bridge coil always beckons!

G1 Baritone
G1 BaritoneG1 BaritoneG1 BaritoneG1 BaritoneG1 BaritoneG1 BaritoneG1 Baritone
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