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"You don't have to be polite with this whammy bar: the system will take hefty forward and reverse bends with ease without significant tuning problems"
- Marcus Leadley The Guitar Magazine 2001 -
reviewing G1 Vibrato


G1 Midi

The G1 MIDI is our flagship model featuring a full complement of Gus hardware and electrics along with 13 pin access, courtesy of its RMC Piezo pickups and Polydrive system.

This gives the guitar a huge range of available sounds and options - as well as the 6 varied magnetic tones and Piezo acoustic tonality, you also have access to the exciting world of MIDI guitar, via equipment such as Roland's GR33 Guitar Synth as well as guitar modeling gear like the VG-88.

If you're looking for a supremely versatile, refreshingly modern electric guitar that can handle cutting edge technology yet still rock-out with the best of's right here!

G1 Midi
G1 MidiG1 MidiG1 MidiG1 MidiG1 MidiG1 MidiG1 Midi
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