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"If you want versatility, outlandish style and a superbly well thought-out and immaculately constructed guitar - then the Gus G1 delivers the goods by the truckload."
- Ben Bartlett Guitarist 2003 -
reviewing G1 Midi


Rich Webber

"The tone is deep, distinctive and far more versatile than I could ever have imagined...every sound you can find is totally useable!"

Rich Webber
Rich is the proud owner of our very first G3 Five (serial 001), which he bought after having the bass for a 'weekend trial'. A bass player since the age of fourteen, he's currently holding down the bottom end for Dorset based 'Philtre', which he describes as a "straight forward rock band". This musical 'directness' is finding many friends and press reviews have been effusive in their compliments - "these guys have a way with a tune and an on-stage presence to die for. Three-pieces aren't supposed to sound this loud, or this complete, but Philtre manage to bang out gorgeous melodies and chugging riffs all at once, combining for a unique experience in sound"

As well as Philtre, Rich is also working on a live bass & DJ duo doing Drum'n'Bass, Hip-Hop & House, and a swing/big band/show music group... "so you can see", he tells us, "that the Gus isn't just gonna sit & get dusty!"


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