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"A lot of instruments that push luthierie this far do so at the expense of tone and usability. Not so the Gus. It simply rocks...big time!"
- Ben Bartlett Guitarist 2003 -
reviewing G1 Midi


Pere ap Gwynedd

"Clean, it sounds quite twangy and bell-like, but with a huge amount of guts behind it. Live, it projects into the audience without any mushiness - you can always hear it, which is so important. Solid as a rock."

Pere ap Gwynedd
Pere plays guitar with 'metal meets drum'n'bass' outfit Pendulum. He's been a Gus owner since the 'early' days - in fact he owns G1 002! Originally a Diamond White Hardtail, I converted it to full Vibrato specification and sprayed it authentic Austin Healey Racing Green for him.

Over the years he's used the guitar for a wide variety of duties, including touring the world with Natalie Imbruglia in the late '90s with brother Rej (a Gus G3 Four player).

Pere is an extremely gifted player who thrives on music whatever form it's served up in! A few years back in a 'GusGoss' interview we asked him what he did when not playing music - his reply "Sorry, I don't understand the question!!!", just about summed it up really!


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