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"At this price it has to be an exemplary performer on every level if it's to be deemed worth the money. And it is."
- Jordan McLachlan Guitar Buyer Magazine 2003 -
reviewing G3 Five Active


Aziz Ibrahim

Aziz Ibrahim
We first became involved with Aziz after he picked up a rare second hand G1 - he says he was initially drawn to the tubed outline of our guitars which remind him of a sitar. When we developed the G1 Baritone, Aziz was quick to pick up on the possibilities of this 'hybrid' guitar and took the very first one!

Aziz comes at the guitar from many different angles, as anyone who has heard his phenomenal work on Ian Brown's Unfinished Monkey Business album will testify. His style is a unique 'melting pot' of influences, where his Asian roots meet Blues, Rock and Funk to be melded into something utterly his own.

Aziz honed his chops in the vibrant Manchester music scene, providing guitar duties for Simply Red and later the Stone Roses which led to his collaboration with Ian Brown. His solo project called simply 'Aziz' has given rise to a debut album - Lahore to Longsight. Aziz tours extensively and if he's playing a town near you check him out - you'd have to go a long way to find a more interesting guitar player!


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