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"The first thing you notice when you whack a few chords on the G1 is just how incredibly bright, resonant and in-tune sounding an instrument it is."
- Ben Bartlett Guitarist 2003 -
reviewing G1 Midi


Martin Glyn Murray

Martin Glyn Murray
Martin is one of the key figures in the development of the Gus G1 guitar. We'd initially worked together on a BBC2 TV piece about the Guitube designs and his encouragement had really spurred me on. Consequently when it came to 'testing time' for the early G1 prototype it was Martin I called to test this new instrument out for me.

Guitarist with the Mock Turtles who shot to indie fame in the early '90s, Martin's distinctive Wah-Wah tinged guitar tone provided the riffage for hits including 'Can You Dig It?' and 'And then She Smiles'. Although the Mock Turtles disbanded in 1993, the quality of their material still shines through as Vodaphone realised when they used 'Can You Dig it?' for a run of commercials in 2003.

A trained actor you may also have seen Martin in blockbuster hits like 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin' and 'Enigma'.

Martin's own G1 is a metallic black Vibrato with twin humbuckers.

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